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Your Voice, Your Choice and Your Support

Your Care: Financial Options
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Who Can Refer You?

  • You can Self Refer

  • The CMHT or a Care Coordinator can refer you

  • Your Friends and Family

  • A Charity

  • Your GP and Local Organisations

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Planning your support:

  • You can contact us by phone 07857065597 to make an enquiry or through email on for more details.

  • The Service Manager can attend discharge meetings in hospitals and discuss your care package.

  • Discuss options which offer maximum flexibility to funding authorities


Funding Your Care

How to Fund:

  • Make Direct debits from your income, Saving and Capital.

  • Social Care (Social Services will complete an assessment on your savings to see if you can qualify for Social Care Funding).

Who is Eligible for Support?

Adults from the age of 18 and over, as well as older people.

Individuals with diagnosed mental health needs, autistic spectrum, Dementia and learning disabilities.

Physical health conditions requiring monitoring and supervision.

People who are vulnerable and require safe, supportive and low stimulus environment.

We accept individuals with Forensic history, 117 aftercare arrangements, informal patients, DOL’s and CTO (Community Treatment Order).

Your Care: Text
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